AirTime activated, turn ON your web rewards!
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After a month of testing we are proud to announce the AirTime activation. We believe the revolutionary monetization system that we develop is mind blowing. Let’s boil it down to see what is all about, what you can do with it and what will be possible in the near future.

What is AirTime?

AirTime is a monetization model initially developed for the use on the BitTube video platform. It proved to be a promising way of incentivising viewers and publishers for their activity and uploads.
It is an ad-free solution paying users and publishers based on the time spent watching content. Now AirTime model enters the web with the help of the BitTube browser extension.

What does AirTime do?

AirTime distributes TUBE utility tokens to all concurrent online BitTube users. The system allocates a fixed amount of TUBEs taken from the mining block rewards which are currently 81 360 TUBES daily. AirTime counts two aspects of the user. One as a consumer and the other as a content creator/owner.

What factors affect user earnings?

There is no simple or short answer to that question. AirTime is quite complex system.
The chart in the users’s dashboard displays three values: “AirTime”, “counted AirTime” and “Rewards”. The system receives your “AirTime” which is the time your user id sends to the system. After a validation process the approved amount is called “counted AirTime” which determines your “Rewards”. All users will be equally rewarded for the first 2 hours of activity dropping significantly after that. To increase this limitation different account levels will be available depending on the stacking amount.

What it means for the user?

When you have registered a BitTube account AirTime affects you in two ways. The first as a content consumer browsing the Internet spending time reading, watching, commenting, listening to music or whatsoever you dedicate attention to, any website you visit. The time you spend being online is your AirTime.
The second aspect of your BitTube account is as a publisher being a website owner, social media influencer, blogger, social media page admin e.t. The system will reward your account based on the sum of the counted AirTime of your visitors. To enabling BitTube monetization as a publisher you have to link your domain and social accounts.

What options are available?

The BitTube browser extension is where all the action happens. It allows you to monitor your activity, rewards and manage your funds. It features a wallet, donations system, security measures and settings. Additionally it has an integrated ad-blocker to help you get a better browsing experience. You can find your referral link to earn 5 TUBEs for each new sign up with your help. The extension will place a instant donation button on the most popular social platforms. The easiest way to support the creators you love.

How to use it?

BitTube has been always developed with intuitiveness in mind. Install the extension on your preferable browser (currently only for Chrome and Brave, others are coming soon) and sign up. We require to verify a phone number. This is necessary to increase security and compliance of the BitTube payments and in general  the underlying technology.

What benefits the AirTime provide?

AirTime has proven it’s trustless technology to create level-playing field for all publishers and online users on the BitTube video platform. The developments of the extension bring more security and protection. Monetization conditions are preset which motivates content creators being assured from changes. Instead of relying on advertiser companies publishers can rely directly on their visitors. This model can make website designs clean from ad banners providing better user experience.

Upcoming developments.

Currently we are working on additional browsers compatibility and optimisations.  At the end of January an increase of the AirTime distribution to publishers, viewers and the platform will come from the mining block reward.
The next important inclusion to the BitTube apps will be the AirTime module for domains. It will make possible counting AirTime from all website traffic. In Q3 users can expect support for mobile and store locator from the wallet app.
More information will follow about AirTime stacking and different account levels. The monetization model combined with comprehensive user engagement will be the main focus on the upcoming BitTube social media platform.

As a start with the first version of AirTime across the web BitTube already demonstrates its working product. This monetization model will flourish a new ecosystem to sustain creativity and a better web.

Stay tuned,
Your BitTube team

Merry BitTube and a happy AirTime!